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Keys for the City Passport

2019 marked the 10th anniversary of Music for Everyone’s Keys for the City program, which places customized pianos in public locations in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Passport is a web app we built to tie into MFE’s summer-long Decade O’ Keys event. The Passport allows participants to check in at piano sites and collect stamps.

QR codes and the Keys for the City Passport help users collect 15 different stamps across 15 public piano sites around the city. You can open the Passport to browse your stamp collection, check your profile, and learn about MFE and the Decade O' Keys event schedule.

The Passport's visual identity is inspired by tour posters. The wordmark uses a single color but can be applied over different background styles.

We designed stickers with the QRs for each piano, trying both black & white and color variants

A selection of stamps from the Passport